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Fire damage encompasses a variety of damage that can happen to a home or business when they are struck with the devastation of a fire.  Fire, soot, smoke, or the water or chemicals used to put out a fire are considered to be a part of fire damage.  The areas damaged by fire may be contained to one portion of the house; however smoke and soot have probably traveled into every room in you home or business.  Whether you fire is large or small you need someone who can take care of every room, every closet and every item.

Speed to action is of the essence in preventing further damage.  Most items in your home or business can be saved, depending on the category of loss. 

Smoke damage is typically classified into one of the following categories:

Wet Smoke – This kind of smoke comes from low temperatures or smoldering fires and will be gummy or smudgy with a very intense odor.

Dry Smoke – Quick burning at high temperatures. 

Protein – A fine mist of smoke that is nearly invisible and can leave a strong rancid odor.  May fade, streak or stain paints and varnishes.

Fuel Oil Soot – This type of smoke is caused by a “puff back” from fuel oil furnace.  Puff back, which most people have never heard of, are caused when the furnace backfires sending soot through out the home or business.

Other Types - Tear gas and fire extinguisher residue are other types.

Methods of restoration and removal vary depending on the types of materials in the home, the type of smoke, and structure damage.  Fire damage restoration is best preformed by professionals with the proper knowledge and tools to clean up and rebuild your home.  Household cleaners and detergents are not capable of removing all smoke damage and some will permanently damage your household items.  It is best to contact the professional fire and water damage restoration specialists at Complete Restoration Services, Inc.

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