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What people are saying about CRS My family & I appreciate the excellent work done on our home. I feel that Scott and the CRS team went above and beyond to get the things done at our home. We will always be grateful for the work done. Our home is more than we could ask for. Thank you.
Donna C.

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Flood or Water Damage: One-Hour Service and Skilled Restoration

Flood damage and other damage caused by water can be devastating to your family or your business. We understand, because helping people in your situation is what our business is all about.

Our Services Include:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Damage Restoration & Reconstruction 
  • Water Extraction
  • Sewage Extraction & Decontamination
  • Carpet Drying, Cleaning & Restoration
  • Floor Drying, Cleaning & Restoration
  • Structure & Content Cleaning
  • Mold Prevention & Remediation
  • Dry-Out 

If Your House Has Clean Water Damage:

  • stay out of rooms where ceilings are sagging because of water
  • move computers and other electronics to a dry area
  • remove lamps, telephones, and any other objects from wet furniture tops
  • do not place foil squares, saucers, or wood blocks under furniture legs to protect carpets
  • do not operate TVs, vacuums or other appliances while standing on wet floors, because serious injury or death may result

Before Cleaning Flood or Sewer Water Damage:

  • avoid sewage and floodwaters, because they may contain bacteria and other microorganisms that can be tracked on hands or shoes
  • keep children and pets out of contaminated areas
  • don’t use sprays and other over-the-counter germicidal products, which may not fully disinfect contaminated surfaces
Successful water damage restoration begins with fast response, because damage increases with each hour. Your room may look dry, but behind the wall, there may significant water damage that can lead to later drywall damage or rotting in your structural framing.

Repairing water damage. We begin by determining how dry your home or business should normally be, which can’t be determined by how a room looks or feels. Our Advanced Structural Drying process uses sophisticated meters to map a room’s moisture, along with thermographic readers that can pinpoint hidden areas that are wet.

Preventing flood damage to contents. Protecting your house itself from water damage is only part of what we do. We also work quickly and diligently to minimize damage to contents. First, we look for personal items and heirlooms such as photographs and videotapes. We bring items to rooms we’re drying, because they can also be saved through dehumidifying.




Water Damage to Carpets Requires More than Vacuuming. We use specialized Hydro-X extraction devices that remove water while leaving the carpet and padding in place. Then we create air movement in affected rooms to draw moisture into the air, and then use state-of-the-art low-grain dehumidification to remove the moisture. Our Injectidry system uses Vac-it Panels and negative pressure to draw all the moisture from flooded hardwood floor and the subfloor.


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